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  Weeks, Robert

An Alabama native, born in 1929, Weeks graduated from Mississippi Southern College in 1952, after working his way through school as a mortician and parachute stuntman. Two years later, he married his first wife, Patricia, in Minneapolis, moving to Las Vegas in 1955. Weeks prospered there, opening the city's first limousine service in 1960, but his pathological jealousy made Patricia a virtual prisoner at home, where she was frequently beaten, denied permission to even go grocery shopping alone. On one occasion, in a jealous rage, Weeks beat her elderly piano teacher. In 1968, Weeks finally agreed to a divorce, Patricia taking the family home and Cadillac in settlement, but she vanished that Aprils her car found abandoned at a local shopping center. Questioned by his daughters, Weeks informed them that their mother had abandoned them.

Weeks sold his limo service in 1971 and married Waunice Hinkle, in Las Vegas, the following year. They were divorced in 1974, but Waunice survived the breakup, probably because of Weeks's new infatuation with 41 year-old Cynthia Jabour. They dated for the next six years, while Weeks maintained his life-style through the sale of phony stock -- almost a million dollars worth -- in sundry "paper" corporations. By the fall of 1980, Cynthia was anxious to be rid of Weeks, and she agreed to meet him for a final dinner date, October 5, to break the news that they were finished. Her car was found next day, in a casino parking lot, but nothing more was seen of Cynthia Jabour. Interrogated by police, Weeks proved evasive, first agreeing to a polygraph exam, then fleeing the United States and surfacing in Chile.

Weeks returned in 1981, by way of Houston, with a Libyan passport in the name of "Robert Smith." He set up shop in San Diego, launching a construction business, and in 1983 he met Carol Riley on a trip to Colorado, persuading the 43-year-old divorcee to join him in Southern California. Disillusioned with "Smith" over time, Riley was contemplating a break-up when she vanished on April 5, 1986, after a dinner date with Weeks. Her car was found abandoned in a hotel parking lot.

Weeks moved to Tucson, as "Charles Stolzenberg," but he had already attracted national attention. Profiled on an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries," aired by NBC television, Weeks was fingered by neighbors in Tucson and arrested on May 26, 1987. Charged with embezzlement in Arizona, he was held in lieu of $3 million bond.

In April 1988, Weeks was convicted of murdering Patricia Weeks and Cynthia Jabour, in Las Vegas. Jurors fixed his punishment as life imprisonment without parole.

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